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Search, Rescue, and Freedom

The Mediha Fund Project’s core objective is to improve the resources to Yazidis who survived Islamic State Militant kidnappings. 

  The Mediha Fund distributes money to rescue personelle on the ground.  This 501c3 supplies network of rescuers with resources to locate, contact, coordinate and retrieve captive people.  The Mediha Fund focuses on Mediha’s home region of Kurdistan and her people, the Yazidis.  Supplies on the ground, include but are not limited to cars, medicine, gas, clothing, food, telecom and labor.  

The Mediha Fund is an independent 501c3.  The Mediha Fund is a project created by N0va a virtual reality production company upon the production of a virtual reality simulation Mediha Film XR, from 2019-2023.  N0va virtual reality development studios have offices in Brooklyn, New York and Bologna Italy.  

A rescue generally takes $10-15,000

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How to Rescue

The process varies, every rescue is situational.  Generally the following occurs:


(1) Identify a missing person, recently sighted or contacted

(2) Find a rescuer related to the family and attempt to make contact

(3) Orchestrate fixers, backstory, transport and safehouse. 

(4)  Reunite with family*

(5) State registration, education/psych programs, employment

The Mediha Fund is a 501c3 Registered in New Jersey.

 The above-named DOMESTIC NON-PROFIT CORPORATION was duly filed in
accordance with New Jersey State Law on 04/17/2021 and was assigned
identification number 0450636891. 


The Mediha Fund 1

Rescue Operations

The Mediha Fund is a 501(c)3 is an organization dedicated to the awareness, and rescue of people kidnapped in the middle east by radicals and extremists.

The complications of returning someone are deeply integrated into years of war and the fallout.

There is not just one reason it is difficult to return a person, but between logistics, money, culture and trauma.

The Mediha Film demonstrates through the art of cinema and the diligence of journalism, the story of one young woman, who represents the plight of many.

Mediha XR is a virtual reality experience that puts the player in Iraq.  Players are challenged with some of the decisions and actions undertaken in the a rescue or extraction.  For example, finding and driving a vehicle to advance levels. The game is pay to play. for example You need to by gas for the car.  This is the truth of how it goes.  We save you the travel to Iraq, and the danger of the mission, and yous till have to pay the ground costs, like a driver, or equipment.   Thus pay to play money will go towards ground operations to survivors and their families, and an awerness campaign to continuously raise funds. .

The purpose of this fund, that supports the rescue of mostly Yazidis, an ethno-religious community of 5000+ years indigenous to the region. The Yazidis were targeted by Islamic State Militants in August 2015.

The money goes towards the logistics of search and rescue, an awareness campaign, and the health and well being of Mediha and her family.

These stories are being told through a multi-media production including virtual reality.

Unreal Engine 5 | Quest 3

Three Yazidi orphans escape ISIS and search for their family.
 Use Virtual Reality to travel to Iraq and meet the children in their home village. 
Learn their plans to rescue the family. 
Help them succeed.